Our 2013 Routine

I love getting a glimpse behind the scenes of someone else’s household, not just for curiosity-sake but for ideas. So, I’m offering up the same privilege. Here’s the behind the scenes look at our schedule for mornings and homeschool. Yours doesn’t need to match mine; but if you’re wondering how to “fit it all in,” here’s my routine for some ideas.

Homeschool Schedule

My Morning…

begins at 5:30 a.m. with a cup of coffee and the Lord. This is my hour of power, my time to meet with God for those new mercies He’s promised to give each morning. I spend time studying the Word (I’m in Romans, currently) and praying.

At 6:30, my ipod alarm sounds for me to jump in the shower. I have thirty minutes here to make myself presentable, and another 15 minutes or so to get breakfast for everyone. Then, at 7:15-ish I wake the kids and have them dress and make their beds before coming down for breakfast. Their “chores” are simple: brush their teeth and hair, make bed and put pajamas away, sweep crumbs under the table or wipe the bathroom counters.

Our school “bell” goes off at 8 a.m., and everyone is expected to be on time.


Our School Day…

starts with prayer and our calendar time in our upstairs space. Then, we bring our boxes downstairs to the table for “Memory Period.” This is my time to go over our memory work: Bible, Latin, and History. Most of this is set to music, so in essence, we sing different songs and chants for about 15-20 minutes.

Bible: Teach them the Faith catechism songs and their AWANA work

Latin: Song School Latin songs

History: some flashcard facts (using an ipod app) and our timeline chant (Veritas Press timeline facts from a youtube video)

We end this period with any particular announcements that I need to make to both of them about their work.


Oldest goes off to do his independent work and his Reflex math game (for math facts review). Middlest begins her time with me. We start with her math and finish with phonics, reading, and cursive. I also assign an art project or motor skills activity for her to complete during my time with Oldest.

Kindergarten homeschool


Middlest begins her project/activity while Oldest begins his time with me. (When Middlest finishes, she has the rest of the hour for recess up in her room.) We go over his work pages that he did during his independent time and cover new concepts. Then, we move on to his language arts—phonics, spelling, and grammar on alternating days. We’ll finish with some reading if we have time, if not we save his reading for a break later in the day or after lunch.

10:30 or 11

Sometimes Oldest’s time takes a little longer, so I keep this time a little flexible from day-to-day. During this time, we’re back together. And it’s time for some hot cocoa! We go over some very basic map work (from Story of the World [SOTW]), and I start their SOTW audio lesson. Usually, we’ll do a coloring page or other activity during the story or after it is finished. I’ll also ask some review questions after the story to highlight what I want them to remember (and to make sure they listened).

Story of the World activities

Following the audio, we’ll do a read-aloud from the Tapestry curriculum. This is either classic literature (i.e. King Arthur) or Church History (biography of Martin Luther). Sometimes I will read, and sometimes Oldest will do some of the reading.


It’s time for our extras. This alternates on different days of the week. Two days are devoted to science, two days to Latin, and one day to art/music.

Chalk pastel art


On a good day, we’re done! On other days, we’ll wrap up anything left after a lunch recess. But by noon, it’s definitely time for a break.

And what’s the Littlest been up to all this time? He’s either napping or playing with an activity. I try to find at least one special activity for him daily, either from pinterest or from the Flowering Baby curriculum that I have for him. And Middlest loves to play with him for me; she’s a big helper. He wanders in and out of our lessons, sits in my lap or on my hip, goes off to play, sits in his high chair for a snack or some “coloring”, and then takes a nap.

Tot School activities

I also have certain ipod activities or activity pages for the kids to do if I get interrupted. When the phone rings, when Littlest needs a diaper change or has gotten into trouble, the kids can stay busy for the 3-5 minutes that it takes for me to get everyone settled again.

After School…

homeschool routineour schedule varies from day to day. But essentially, the kids play—sometimes with me, sometimes on their own—until about 3 p.m. Then, everyone is down for either naps or quiet time. Most of the time, the older two get quiet time, which is a time to work on projects, play in our art bag, or listen to audio stories. This lasts until 4:30 or 5. It’s my time to get a few things done, or welcome people into our home.

Then, 4:30 begins my dinner prep routine, followed by supper, some family time, and bedtime. That’s my day, roughly. There’s always the unexpected that pops up and throws the day off, but this is our go-to, the ideal we are striving for.

Now, I ask that you pray for us. This is a schedule that works well for us, so please pray that we can maintain it as much as possible, and that I have the wisdom to tweak it when needful.

Thanks! It’s good to have friends on this journey.

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