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A Classically-inclined, Charlotte-Mason inspired curriculum for homeschool…

We are classically-inclined, Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschoolers, using a smattering of resources from different publishers and tons of hands-on ideas to engage my creative, high-energy kiddos (2 diagnosed with ADHD, one is additionally dyslexic). Tapestry of Grace is our anchor, our core for history, art, Bible, worldview, writing, and much more. For other resources that we use or for a little more information on how we settled on the classical approach, start with these posts. I’ve also included a few past posts on how we’ve scheduled our day.

Our Curriculum Choices (over the years)

2017-2018  6th grade

2016-2017  (5th, 3rd, and preschool) and Mid-year Curriculum Review

2015-2016  (4th, 2nd, and prek-3)

2014-2015 (3rd, 1st, and a toddler)

2013-2014  (2nd, K, and a baby)

Our Classically Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Why Classical?

Video on classical education and our faith

Classically Charlotte Mason

Using a literature-rich curriculum with ADHD & dyslexia

Why teach mythology in classical Christian curriculum?

Our Routine (over the years)

A Special Routine to Survive Mondays (2017)

Our Fall 2013 Routine

Summer School Schedule

A Day in our Lives (while I was pregnant)


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