The 2014-15 Curriculum Reveal

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2014-15 Curriculum

So, I’ve been busy. Plotting, planning, scheming, conniving, imagining, dreaming, wishing, purchasing, drooling, planning some more, etc. Many of you can probably relate. And I’m finally—FINALLY—ready to share next year’s vision.

Are you ready for this reveal?

Here it is: our 2014-2015 School Year, in all it’s glory!

Tot Time

For my toddler, I’m mostly keeping him occupied. But I did pick up this super easy and cute activity book that I happened to notice at the A Beka Materials Display in our area.

Nursery Arts and Crafts

I loved that the activities were pretty easy, AND they were organized by week. Glory! Which made them very easy to file into my weekly file folder system. He’ll do 2 to 3 of these activities a week. And I’ll probably recruit Middlest to help him with what he can’t manage on his own.

First Grade

Middlest is entering first grade. I can’t believe it! Her curriculum is pretty simple.

Foundations C (Logic of English)

A Beka Arithmetic 1

When she finishes her phonics book, which she will probably do pretty quickly based on her progress this last year, I’ll either have her begin Writing with Ease or English for the Thoughtful Child.* (See my notes on this below)


Third Grade

The bulk of my time has been spent on researching third grade books. Oh, my goodness, the hours I spent on this! But I am happy with the results.

CLE Math 300 series

I’m switching from A Beka to Christian Light this next year. We did a trial run with a couple of the 2nd grade math books from this company, and we both loved it. My primary reason for switching was that I needed a curriculum less teacher-dependent. Even though many use A Beka as a student-led curriculum, it isn’t designed to be used that way, and I could foresee problems with that. What I loved about CLE is that it is very much like A Beka in content (it’s still very challenging), and yet it is designed for independence. The teaching instruction is included right in the student’s book. Oldest loved this, too. He always found the A Beka explanations to be too brief and confusing. As an added bonus, CLE is strong in geometry and critical thinking, two areas I always felt we were a little behind in with A Beka.

Visual Latin I (lessons 1-12)

Winston Grammar

A Beka 3rd Grade Cursive Writing Skillbook

English for the Thoughtful Child*

This link is not actually to EFTC book, because I found an older ebook version of the same text. It’s dated and not in textbook format, but I love the style. Not to mention, I love FREE! The name of this is actually Lessons in the Use of English. We started using this at the end of this year, just so I could see if I was going to like it. And I totally do.

I also picked up the A Beka cursive book. This is a huge surprise for me because I have NEVER liked A Beka handwriting. But when I saw this book, it was everything I wanted to accomplish with our Charlotte Mason-style copywork, already done for me! This is a really amazing book. Short excerpts from historical documents; character traits, quotations, Bible verses; state information; short science sentences with an animal glossary to teach alphabetical order—it was a dream come true. And Oldest is stoked. He wanted to begin this summer, but I’m being mean and making him wait.


Combined Studies

We always have several subjects that we do all together. To help myself, I’ve divided all of our subjects into subjects of Discipline (math, grammar and usage, foreign language) and subjects of Inspiration. The Discipline subjects are grade-specific; but our Inspiration subjects are more relaxed and inclusive. They include history, science, art, music, poetry, reading, etc.

Tapestry of Grace, Year 3 (lower grammar and upper grammar)

Activity Supplements include Time Traveler pak Early 19th Century, Draw through History: Napoleon, and History Pockets Civil War.

Kinderbach Level 2

See the Light Art Class (affiliate link)

Artist Study: Frederick Remington and Winslow Homer

Ecology and Biomes (various library books and memory work from the Classical Conversations apps 1 & 2)


That’s our year in a nutshell. It’s always so exciting to start putting the pieces together and seeing the plan unfold. And I’m unfolding it a little differently this year, truly customizing Tapestry to the max. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.


Disclaimer: This post contains one affiliate link, which means that if you make a purchase through that link, I get a small compensation. You can read more in my disclosure.

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6 thoughts on “The 2014-15 Curriculum Reveal

  1. My youngest is starting out with the Nursery Arts and Crafts as well; he loves “school” with the big kids. Also decided to start Logic of English with my K4 daughter this year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Heather Peets

    I hope you’ll write some posts about CLE math as the year progresses. I’m considering it for the future. I dropped ABB math because of the teacher-intensiveness, too. We ‘re using CLP, but it only goes through third grade.

  3. Hi Tracy!!

    I stumbled upon your blog as we are doing TOG Year 3 this year as well. And ike you I just overhauled over expectations and gave myself permission to “enjoy the journey” as opposed to check the boxes. It was so refreshing to see someone doing the same with TOG!! I love this curriculum (our 3rd year using), and it is just too good to lose sight of the forest for the trees!!! I am excited for the year and just wanted you to know that you aren’t alone!!

    • Post Author Tracy

      Thanks for your encouragement! I hope your adjustments are going well and that you are having a splendid year. We are truly loving the journey now that the pressure is off.

  4. Hi Tracy,

    I found your blog from looking at CLE vs Abeka math 🙂 My older son uses Teaching Textbooks, which I plan to keep him using next year for 4th. However, my current Kindergartener uses Abeka math. But, I am looking at next year and I cannot decide between Abeka and CLE. I am switching all LA and Reading to CLE, and I seem to like their math, but I already purchased the Abeka math for grade 1. Do you have any advice for your choosing to stick with Abeka for your 1st grade, but CLE for your 3rd grader? Is 1st grade similar in both curriculums or do you like Abeka better? Thanks for any insight! It’s always great to hear from other moms what works for them and why, so thank you for sharing!

    • Post Author Tracy

      Hi Lucy, my primary reason for sticking with first grade was that my daughter was doing fine with it and I already had the curriculum purchased. I have since moved her into the Christian Light and love it for both of them. It is just as challenging as ABeka, stronger in areas of critical thinking, and more student-scripted lessons (the lessons are written for the students to read and understand vs. them relying on me to teach it to them).

      We are now 3rd and 5th grade using this curriculum, and it’s been great for us. However, because it is not very colorful and engaging, I would definitely consider using ABeka again for non-readers/emerging readers (i.e. kindergarten and possibly 1st grade).

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