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Review Board Game PrintableWe are gearing up for our first unit celebration of the year, and I’ve been busy plotting our fun. Last year, we made some very special memories playing “Daddy vs. the kids” using the flashcard facts the kids had been working on. I wanted to continue that tradition this year, with a few changes.

After much thought and tons of prayer, I’m excited about out new Board Game Review (Boring name, I know. I’m taking suggestions.) Here’s how our game works. I have our flashcard facts written on 3×5 cards to use as playing cards in a stack turned face down.

1. Roll the dice.

2. Draw a card and answer the question.

3. If answered correctly, move the number of spaces on the dice.

4. Write down the points for the space you landed on.

5. Progress to the end, repeating steps 1-4, and tally point totals.

Let me illustrate for you. Player 1 rolls a 3 and answers the question correctly. He moves 3 spaces and gets 3 points. On his next turn, he rolls a 1 and answers correctly. He only moves one space, but this time he earns 4 points (because he landed on the 4). On his next turn, he rolls a 6 and answers correctly. He moves 6 spaces to the space marked with a “10” and earns 10 more points.

I’m really hopeful about this version of our game because the point totals are not in direct correlation to the questions themselves. Plus, each player gets 100 points just for finishing!

Want to play your own version? Here’s your board game printable. Just make up your own cards, borrow some pawn game pieces from another board game, and roll your dice!

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