Visiting Australia

Slowly but surely we’re getting back into a routine, and I’ve gradually added our geography back into the mix. And what a fun country to start back with: Australia!

In addition to our usual activities (notebooking the country map and the flag, Children Just Like Me, etc.), I was able to throw in a few fun extras.

We read a Magic Treehouse book.

We drew koalas using the promotional video from Mark Kistler’s online art school. (The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is running a fantastic deal this month on a subscription to his lessons [$40/year/family].)

Middle-est's rendition
Oldest embellished his drawing with several koalas during a thunderstorm. Notice all of their sad, frightened faces?
One koala even made it out to the sidewalk.

We decorated boomerangs (print out from Expedition Earth), cut them out, and pasted them to cardboard. After looking at a couple of examples of boomerang designs on the internet, we concluded that an animal goes in the middle (kangaroo or lizard) and a dot-design fills the outside ends.


He's really into drawing lately. I googled a video lesson on how to draw a lizard just for this project.


Oldest's finished work



Dad even contributed to the day with his REAL boomerang from Australia, given to him by a friend who had gone there on a mission trip.

Then, we finished the week by watching Coral Reef Adventure on Netflix and completing a notebooking page (I’m learning to make my own! Future post idea for sure.)

coral reef coloring page from



The arrival of Littlest has us behind in geography, but all that means for us is we’ll be taking our adventure into the summer (and my original plans of U.S. geography will have to be postponed.) Next stop: South America!

*Disclaimer: I have included my affiliate link for Homeschool Buyers Co-op. What that means is that your membership and purchases through my links will earn points for me to use for homeschool products at the Smart Points Vendor Hall on HBC’s website. Thanks!

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