Casual Friday activities

Last fall, I implemented our casual Fridays or “fun” Fridays, as the kids call them, where we lay aside our structured day for more relaxed learning. The workbooks, the readers, even the schedule are laid aside, and we tackle a little more “living” learning. It has worked out so well for us, such a nice finish for our week. Not only do the kids need it mentally, but I’ve found that I really need the change as well.

We make flip-books of the animals from the country we’ve studied or bake some cookies together or play games. Here’s a peak at what we did this last Friday.

Dice add-up game from Living Math Ideas. He played this nearly all day! It was a huge hit. Roll the dice, write the two numbers in the blank, add it up!
I put together a math supplement notebook from the printables at The little one was thrilled, and she worked out of this notebook nearly all day!

They chose to do these activities at the dining room table. “Fun” Fridays are our day to get out of the school room a little bit. I was really surprised at what a huge hit these two activities turned out to be. They kept pulling them back out to work on them again and again. Before lunch, after lunch, after nap/quiet time, after supper (to show Daddy)—and then they asked to do it again the next day. I’d say these were definitely worth repeating.

We did take a little break to get a few more things in, like reading. My son chose the back porch area for this; and as it tends to get a little chilly back there, we all grabbed our favorite throws and blankets and cuddled together while my son read to us.

I chose this book from our Usborne Very First Readers set, since it reviewed our special sound of the week: "igh."
My son's choice and a hit with my daughter, too: Big Pig on a Dig.
The story of Noah—this book is a dual-reader. My son read the top lines, and I finished the story with the text at the bottom of each page.

Next, we took a moment to remember last year. I’d made a “yearbook” of sorts using Shutterfly, and then bided my time waiting for a significant sale. The sale code finally came, and I finally ordered a book of last year’s memories. The kids had a lot of fun reminiscing.

The blur of the photos is from the fact that I could hardly get pictures: the two of them were excitedly jumping and pointing and bobbing up and down. It was a fun stroll down memory lane.

And that was our day! A nice break from routine while still covering the essentials.

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