Kindergarten Graduation, Homeschool Style


homeschool kindergarten graduation

One of the things I love about homeschooling is the flexibility. While everyone else is getting back to school, we just recently celebrated my son’s last page of kindergarten with a graduation party.

Oldest finished kindergarten phonics way back in February, but we’d had a rough time with math. We could have pushed hard to finish the book “on time,” but I instead chose to do whatever it took to make sure he really understood the math before we moved onto more difficult concepts. I supplemented with other programs, took breaks to review and drill material, added some living math lessons where appropriate, and—with as much variety as I could manage—drilled and drilled until he finally mastered the information. It took awhile, a lot longer than a normal school year. But I’m confident that he’s ready to tackle first grade material.

Kindergarten Graduation, homeschool style
Last page of kindergarten math

So after all the hard work, a party was definitely in order. I picked up cupcakes and a small balloon, blew up left-over birthday balloons, printed a certificate, and made a graduation cap.

As I folded and hot-glued the construction paper cap, my son asked if I was going to add “the strings that hang on the side.” I complied with a yarn tassle. He loved it and wore it around the house with such pride. To complete the effect, he asked if he could change into black clothes. And even Middlest joined the celebration by asking to change into a dress.

homeschool kindergarten graduation


I made homemade pizza and then the party got started. It was a superbly memorable yet simple celebration. And as a graduation present, Daddy announced that we would purchase my son’s beloved Reflex Math subscription. You should have seen the smile!

homeschool graduation party


homeschool kindergarten graduation party

Believe it or not, he asked to start first grade the very next day. I declined. I need a break to regroup before the next year begins, even if it is only a 2 week break.

kindergarten graduation, homeschool style


Congratulations, big guy! So proud of you for all your hard work and great attitude.