Core Tour: Homeschooling a Bouncing Baby

We’re wrapping up our short tour through the core of what I do with my kiddos: first grade, K4, and today you’re getting a sneak peak at baby’s schedule.

I’ll be honest, I try to do most of our school while Littlest is out of the way. So during his morning nap is when we get the bulk of our lessons done. And, to stretch that nap a little longer, I give him his independent play time right before his nap.

By noon, he’s rarin’ to go! He has his lunch, and play time is on. Thankfully, the older ones are wildly eager to play (legos or outside if it’s a pretty day). While they reunite with all of their toys, Littlest and I have our one-on-one time. I love getting out our Music Together cd with him, and he’s usually jamming before the music starts.

I use this time to work on his skills, too, an early homeschool routine. We stack tupperware lids, pull greeting cards and lids out of cooler bags and then stuff them back in again, bang spoons to the beat of the music, balance cups on our heads, pull small toys out of muffin tins or cups, play hide-a-toy, etc. (Pinterest has great ideas, too. Check out the baby pinterest ideas I’ve been collecting.)We also play the typical baby games: stacking blocks, peek-a-boo, and walk along the edge of the couch. Our playtime lasts the length of the cd. By then, he’s worn out and ready for his bottle.

Muffin Tin baby play


Littlest favorite activity right now is putting things in this empty tupperware. It was a double-winner to play with a muffin tin, too!
Littlest’s favorite activity right now is putting things in this empty tupperware. It was a double-winner to play with a muffin tin, too!

We cuddle up for a bottle and snuggles, and then he’s off to bed once more by around 2 p.m. usually. Sometimes, if I have a noisy household chore like vacuuming, I’ll put him in my wrap, and we’ll do the chore together. He loves this, and I must admit that it makes housework a lot more fun with a snuggle-buddy. Then, he naps for another couple of hours, waking up all ready to empty my tupperware cabinet once more.

Practicing with a spoon
Practicing with a spoon

I’ve loved having this time with Littlest. He’s the first baby I’ve had since staying at home, and I so enjoy an all-day routine with him. And though I’m sure I can come up with lots of ideas on my own and with the help of Pinterest, I will admit that I have been curious about the Flowering Baby curriculum that includes daily activity ideas as well as story and music suggestions from an “early childhood development” perspective. Especially since Littlest will be joining our school routine next year as a whopping 18-month old! (Can’t believe how time flies!!!)

But now, for your input. What are your best tips for keeping your baby busy? And would you invest in a product to give you some additional ideas?

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