Let’s Make Some Noise!

We’ve been watching and listening to Handel’s Royal Fireworks music this week, in preparation for our own fireworks celebrations. And I wanted to share some of what we will be doing today, tomorrow, and Monday—in case anybody wanted some ideas.

In addition to watching the Youtube video, we’ve also done a lot of dancing and pretend trumpet playing. Today, we’ll be coloring a fireworks page from the Harmony Fine Arts download.

We’ve also been talking about the movements in the music as little fireworks and big fireworks, and I made these cards to sequence the movements (assigned for Monday).

On Saturday, I thought I’d let the kids play with sparklers as they listen to the Royal Fireworks music. And then, for a snack idea, I loved this “Firecracker Float”  from Mrs. Happy Homemakers blog. (Click on the image for the recipe.)

Have a happy 4th!