Structuring a new year: organizing daily assignments

Organizing Daily Assignments

The last stage of my planning process for the new year was organizing the kids’ daily assignments. I used binders and pocket dividers for the weekly assignments last year. These worked fairly well; I liked that the kids could grab the binder and be ready for school on-the-go if necessary. I liked the independence that came from each child knowing what they needed to do without waiting for me. But the pockets did limit me to some extent with what I could put in their notebooks. Certain activities or crafts just didn’t fit.

Then there was the issue of where to keep the rest of their stuff—books, flashcards, charts, rulers, etc. I was totally fed up with wall hanging organizers and was ready for something new.

Here’s my solution. These open file boxes are economical and sturdy (got mine from Staples). Each child has 8 files; five for daily assignments, one for language charts and flashcards, one for math charts and flashcards, and one for completed assignments (until we can cull through them and throw them away). Plus, there’s room for their binders, notebooks, and school paraphernalia.

Organizing Daily Assignments

Inside the daily files (one for each day of our school week), I can distribute the assignments from my weekly file into their daily file. Reading books that I’ve assigned for Oldest can go inside the file for the appropriate day. Crafts for Middlest can fit in her files.

Organizing Daily Assignments

I’ve also provided each child with one pocket divider inside their notebooking binder; that way, they can easily pull assignments from their file and load into their pocket when we have to take school on the road.

{Sigh} It feels great to have my school room under control again. Let’s hope the implementation is as much fun as setting it up has been.

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  1. Thank you, thank you! Our crawler has been destroying the workboxes and attacking the older 2 at their child-size table. I’ve been thinking it is time to move to the dining table, but unsure what to do about the workboxes. I didn’t think the hanging wall pockets would work for us either. This may be just what I was looking for.

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