Structuring a new year: lesson plans, part 2

Part 1 of my lesson planning system for the new year was my digital planner Homeschool Helper on my Nook. Part 2 of my system is taking those plans and filing them.

Here’s my filing system, 36 hanging files (one for each week of the year).

Homeschool Organizing lesson plans


Homeschool Organizing

Inside each file is the following:

  • My printed weekly lesson reports from Homeschool Helper. I’ll be able to take these out and write them on my wall calendar at the start of each week.
  • Student pages for each child for that week. I’ve taken all the pages out of the workbooks and filed them by week. That way at the start of the week, those pages are all ready to be distributed.
  • Coloring pages and activities for Latin, science, and history. My printing, sorting, etc. is all taken care of at the start of the year. No more last minute printing while kids wait. I should have everything, for the most part, ready to go. Also, if I run across fun activities on the internet, I can easily print and have them ready within that week’s file.

Filing Lessons by week

Another aspect to my planning this year has been to make playlists for our memory work. My kids LOVE music, thus much of our memory work is to music. We’re doing Teach Them the Faith catechism songs for Bible this year, Song School Latin, and then the audio stories from Story of the World. I’ve sorted each of these into playlists for the first unit. At the start of each new unit, I’ll make more playlists to accommodate this system. But this way, I don’t have to have it all on my ipod at the same time, just what we need for that week.

What happens from here? Check back. I’ll share the next step in my process soon.

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