Structuring a New Year: lesson plans

I really liked my system last year of writing each week on my dry-erase wall calendar. But with Middlest starting some real school (K5 here we come!), I’m going to have to add her to my wall, something I did not do last year.

Solution: different colors of wet-erase markers. I chose wet-erase because I could find a finer point marker for a cheaper price than I could dry-erase. I’ve been very pleased with these, and the wet erase has worked fine so far.

Wet erase markers, fine point

But I did want to be a little more structured in my long term planning. I did virtually no long term planning last year, which added more weekly prep time. My solution has two parts to it. I’ll tell you one part of the solution today and keep you in suspense on the second half.

Homeschool Helper AppHomeschool Helper

I’ve tried several different digital planners in the past and didn’t like any of them in the long run, but this one has enough flexibility that I think it will be a winner. It’s very easy to use and set up, and I can use my Nook Color! What a plus!

Homeschool Helper on Nook

I can set up my lesson plans digitally and back it up on their website; I can email and print the lessons and reports to file in the second half of my system; then I’ll take out the plan and write it on my wall each week so that I’ll be sure to look at it.

Homeschool Helper tracks lessons, attendance, field trips, book lists, and grades with customized reports for each of those. The reports are very easily created, emailed, etc.

Of course, if you get behind because someone is sick, well—you’re either behind or you have to reset all of your dates. But the second half of my system should take care of this for me.

I’ve loved being able to use my Nook. I’ve really liked how easy the system has been to use, and I like being able to see it a glance what everything looks like together. Besides, it’s pretty!

As the year progresses, I’ll give you an update on whether it is still working for me. But for right now at the planning stage, I’ve really liked it.

Stay tuned for part 2 when I reveal the second half of my system.

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