“A Poetry Tea”~ Littles-style

I’ve seen the idea spiraling around Pinterest, and I just had to get in on the action. I mean, poetry and a party was absolutely too much of a temptation for this poetic party animal.

So we had a “Poetry Tea,” littles-style.

Sharing Poetry with little ones

I found a few super fun poetry books at my local library (hint: illustrated poetry is a definite plus if you have little ones).

Poetry for little ones


And I gave in to all those years of “Ovaltine” commercials I heard growing up. I saw it in the tea aisle and figured it was as kid friendly as I could get, and nutritious as a bonus. To stick with the truly English tradition of tea, I made scones (a simple pre-packaged, pull-apart, throw on a baking sheet kind of scone—don’t be overly impressed, folks).

The kids were absolutely stoked. They pestered me for days about having our poetry tea. I had Middlest pick a bouquet for our table, and the party began.

Even Littlest decided to wake up from his nap in time to join us.

Poetry for Little Ones

All around an absolute blast. It’s definitely something we will do again, just not so sure I can pull it off as a weekly thing. Whenever we get to do it again, these littles will be super hungry for more!

Poetry for Little Ones
“More Ovaltine, please!”
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