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Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Music Together Family Favorites

Last fall, I had the opportunity to review Music Together’s Family Favorites CD and teacher book. (Read my previous review here.) It soon became an unexpected favorite and often requested part of nearly everyday. I’m not exaggerating! Now that Littlest can get around and make his wishes and whims known, he’ll often head for the CD player motioning his baby sign for “please.” I know exactly what he wants:

  • Hello Everybody
  • Biddy Biddy
  • Driving in the Car

(links to samples of the music here)

We all dance together, beat out the rhythms, and sing along to our “family favorites” (pun absolutely intended). We’re not just having fun and bonding, though that alone is valuable; we’re learning about rhythms and harmonies, language and cultural diversity.

So when I had the opportunity to do a follow-up review with some of Music Together’s Singalong Storybooks, made to accompany our favorite songs, I was absolutely giddy!

  Music Together Singalong Books

Music Together has taken some of their most popular songs and illustrated them as read-aloud, sing-along books, available as both board books ($8.95) and hardcovers ($12.95). We were given Hello Everybody, She Sells Seashells, and One Little Owl for review.

Music Together Singalong books review

The day these arrived was like Christmas at my house. The kids were so excited.

There are several aspects to these books that I love. For one, there are so many interactive ideas and suggestions provided within the books themselves. (A free download of the accompanying song is also provided.) Sing the story, read the story, sing and let your child complete the phrase, make up  your own verses to the song as you read, count the objects, find the characters and objects, and more. And because the books were written to our favorite, already memorized songs, the story-line and the experience went with us throughout the day, even after the books were closed on the shelf.

Each book comes with suggested activities for using the story with your child.
Each book comes with suggested activities for using the story with your child.

In addition to rhythm, music, and language, these books are great for reinforcing counting and addition, colors, and even identifying seashells!

One Little Owl by Music Together
One of our fun activities was to dramatize the “One Little Owl” song, inspired by the pictures from the book. Pictured here is the verse “The poor old tree said, ‘Oh, no!…All these things are sitting on me.”

One Little Owl

The various ideas gave me a chance to interact with each child at their own level with the same book. My one  year old enjoyed hearing me sing the song and point out the characters as we read. My four year old loved to count the animals on each page and finish the song for me when I paused. My six year old was all about making up his own additional verses to the songs.

She Sells Seashells
Middlest’s favorite book


Music Together Review
Oldest’s favorite book


Hello, Everybody
Littlest’s Favorite

One other aspect that I love, especially for my Littlest, is the language development that comes from hearing the story in song. During one of our “Baby Story Times” at our local library, the librarian mentioned how songs slow down our speech and make it easier for babies to hear certain sounds and words. Adding the pictures and story to this experience of singing makes this a very powerful teaching tool. And I’m not the only one to recognize this; these books have won long lists of awards from various organizations.

  • Mom’s Choice Award
  • NAPPA Honors Award in Educational Tools
  • National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval
  • Academics’ Choice Smart Books Award, and more!

Then, there’s the fact that these books are just plain fun—beautiful illustrations and quality books that are enjoyable all by themselves. With literally shelves upon shelves of books at our house, these are favorites that all of my kids (including the littlest of all) keep coming back to again and again.

Now, Music Together is even more of a favorite. Not only do we have the catchy tunes with lots of rhythm and movement, but now we have the added element of a fun story with pictures. It’s learning and fun that keep us coming together for more.

Want to see for yourself? Visit the website to watch the video preview and hear samples of these fun singalong books.

Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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