The end at last

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Well, we did it! We finished up first grade and kindergarten—final report cards and all.

Even though we have not yet had our official end, our end of the year celebration, Oldest finished his last first grade math lesson and test last week, and we’ve absolutely, totally felt like summer-time ever since.

Right now, all of our “school” has been preparing for our unit celebration and end of the year party—reviewing flashcards for our trivia game and completing projects for display and presentations. It’s been a fun way to review and wrap up the year, very unstructured and unschool-ish.

Middlest is working on some Roman paper dolls, and together we made a very simple diorama for her to place her dolls in.

Roman Paper Dolls and Diorama

Roman Paper Dolls and diorama

Oldest decided he wanted to tell the story of the Punic Wars. He’s really gotten into the Hannibal and Scipio conflict. So we made an over-sized map (the one he’s been studying with magnets) and he’s setting up the battle with medieval men, legos, and toy elephants. It’s going to be an action-packed retelling.

Punic Wars Map and Presentation

Meanwhile, I’ve already been super busy planning the next year. Our state’s book fair is today (Eek! Today!!! I’m so excited), so I’ve been tweaking spreadsheets and comparison charts that I’ve been working on for months now. I go to a book fair with lists, prices, and diagrams all ready.

I’ve also gotten to a few household projects that have been looming over me for awhile, like going through all the winter clothes and outgrown items.

It’s been a more relaxed, yet very productive kind of week. But next week is a different story. Next week, I’m going to be like Moley from Wind in the Willows. I’ll say “Hang it” with all the projects; let’s go outside!

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