A Nose full of Spring

Homeschool Mother's JournalThe sun finally broke through the clouds this week after a long rainy spell. Rainy days are hard; lots of rainy days are really hard. Lots of rainy days and a teething baby are the hardest. Everyone has been out of sorts. So when the sun showed up this week, I could hear the “hallelujah chorus.”

And of course, I sent the kids outside immediately. Even if we did have math and history to finish up, there would have been no point in forcing learning with all of the pent up energy in our house. I felt like kids were pouring out of every door and window to get into that sunshine, but it was just my two and all the noise that comes with them.

And Littlest pounded on the door, peaking out at their joy. Of course, we had to go for a walk and let him breathe in that fresh goodness. Except that with all of the freshness came our next mortal enemy—allergies. I’m only slightly exaggerating. Allergies at my house are extreme, and they start young. While Oldest takes after me and only ever shows the slightest symptoms, Middlest was put on Zyrtec at 6 months and each spring we revisit the same misery. My husband, even after taking regular doses of allergy medicine for months now, is swollen, stuffy, and nearly incapacitated. And Littlest looks like he’s going to join the club, too. He rode along in his stroller with tears and snot just streaming down his face, as happy as a lark.

They are all happy, snotty but very happy.

So when Middlest asked me why she was “sick,” I told her she’s just got spring up her nose. She seems okay with that. For right now, I am too, especially when the alternative is bringing all that exuberance back inside.

Anyone else have the problem of nature lovers with allergies? Any advice for easing the symptoms without forgoing the outdoors? I’d love your comments!

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