Flooding the Nile

We’ve had so much fun with our Egypt geography. Some of our ideas have come from the Tapestry of Grace curriculum, and some we’ve added from other sources.

One goldmine of a source has been the book Pyramids! 50 hands-on activities to experience ancient Egypt which I picked up from our local library.

Since we’ve been studying about the importance of the Nile and it’s annual flooding, the idea of building our own Nile River and flooding it was extremely appealing. And anything that involves mud is high on the list of FUN at our house right now.

Detailed directions are provided in the above mentioned book, but here’s the gist. Find a pan, fill it with sand. Add black soil for the fertile flood plains or Black Land. Build a Nile River from aluminum foil. Wedge it into the dirt and weight it with stones. Add grass seed or other fast-sprouting green to the “Black Lands.” Flood regularly.

hands-on Egypt study
Planting seeds along the Nile


Nile River project
Flooding the Nile

What a blast! The kids regularly beg to “flood the Nile,” and we were all just giddy when our grass started to sprout.

ancient Egypt study


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