A Homemade Bird feeder

As we finished up our bird study this summer, we also finished our Your Backyard DVD on birds. We’ve had fun trying to identify the different birds in our yard by listening to them, and I really wanted to be able for the kids and I to see a few of our feathered friends. The end of the DVD provided instructions for a homemade bird feeder, and we decided to give it a try.

nature study birds

I happened to have a leftover canola oil bottle that looked like it would work. The kids had a blast scouring our yard for a stick that would work as a stand for the birds. We I cut holes in each side of the container, one nickel-sized hole at 4″ and one smaller hole (just large enough for our stick) at about 1 1/2″. Then I cut holes at the top. The directions from the DVD said to use a wire, but I didn’t have any wire. Instead, I had zip-ties. I worked one through my holes, and we were ready to fill it. The kids, who had watched this section of the DVD, excitedly reminded me of exactly which seeds to use—black oil sunflower seeds. Then, we proudly hung it up in the front yard.

making a bird feeder

We’ve waited very patiently for the birds to visit our feeder. But unfortunately, we haven’t had any visitors yet. Instead, I am now growing sunflower plants in the bottom of my feeder. Guess it’s time to change the seeds and perhaps its location.

I’m off to google a solution, unless someone has some advice. Any words of wisdom from my wonderful readers?

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