Super Duper Following Directions Review

Following Directions

It was really awesome to get this review because, honestly, this is not a product I would typically buy for the kids. And they’ve had so much fun with it!

Following Directions game Hear Builders Following Directions is produced by Super Duper Publications, which specializes in making products for kids with special needs. However, the products work well for any learner. This particular computer game is aimed at improving a young child’s skills at following directions. What child doesn’t need that, right?

Children are challenged in a total of 40 different concepts in 5 areas: basic directions, sequential directions, quantitative and spatial directions, temporal directions, and conditional directions. Which means this is a product your child can grow into. I was really impressed with what my kids were asked to do and how well they responded to the challenges.

Hear Builder directions

The skills are presented in the context of training the child to be a master toymaker and eventually build their own toy-making factory. My kids have a ways to go before they get their own factory, but they love the game and so do I.

Hear Builder toyfactory


Super Duper Hear Builder

I was able to set up an account for each child, and the game automatically remembered where each of the kids left off. Each session they were able to log in and build on the skills they had already mastered. Though I had originally thought that Oldest would benefit most from this game, I’ve really liked using it with Middlest. For one, she’s my child that likes to do things her own way; following directions cramps her style. Too, it keeps her occupied and gives me a chance to work with Oldest.

The product is intended for children PreK through 3rd grade and meets several state standards. (There is a link on the product page where you can check the standards for your state.) The home edition is available on CD-rom for $69.95. But you can save 30% by using the code BLGFD30 at check-out before August 31, 2012.

Visit the site to play the demo with your child, or check out reviews of other great Super Duper products at the Schoolhouse Review Crew.



Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.
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