Yellow And Pink by William Steig

For those of you planning your Tapestry of Grace Year 1 materials, or for those of you looking for a great creation vs. evolution introduction, I found this podcast reading of the rare out-of-print book Yellow and Pink by William Steig.

Yellow & PinkI really like Steig’s children stories, from Dr. Desoto to Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. So I was very disappointed when I realized how hard it was to find Yellow and Pink, and how expensive it was once I did find it (because it is out-of-print). The story is a conversation between two puppets who have been laid out on a piece of newspaper for their paint to dry. The two puppets discuss how they got there. Do they have a designer or did they just happen by chance? It’s a great introduction and conversation starter to introduce this discussion to younger children. I really, REALLY wanted to be able to use it.

I did find a copy at a library about an hour away and considered traveling there just to read the copy to my children—in the library, without a library card! But I tried Google first and found this podcast reading instead.

Yellow And Pink – Frederica Here and Now – Ancient Faith Radio.

I don’t prefer her commentary, but if you stop right after she finishes the reading you can still enjoy the story. Or, search for a library near you that has the book and plan a field trip. I still haven’t ruled that out myself!

Disclaimer: This post contains my Tapestry of Grace affiliate link, which means that if you purchase your plans through my link, I get a small discount on my purchases through them. 

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4 thoughts on “Yellow And Pink by William Steig

  1. I had no idea this book existed! We love Dr. Desoto. Now, I am gonna search my local area for this book, it looks like an incredible way to start the creation vs evolution discussion.

  2. Now I may have to give it a listen and see if its in a local library.

  3. I put books on hold from other libraries all of the time. Is that an option for you?

    • Post Author Tracy

      Our county has a system of seven different libraries, and I often place items on hold from within that system. An official library-loan is something I have yet to do. The cost has been my primary objection. Most titles I have considered for the loan, I could just about buy on Amazon for the cost of the loan. However, in this case, the cost of a library loan might be worth it. I have considered possibly doing a loan for this particular book. It’s such a gem!

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