Lapbooking the Orchestra

We’ve been sprinkling in a little music and art appreciation this summer. I will admit that it’s been tough to get to everything this summer with Littlest joining the fun. I’m really glad I opted for relaxed lesson planning (it was more like rough weekly goals than actual lesson plans); this way, I avoid the overwhelming feeling of being behind. It’s summer, after all, right? Who gets behind on summer school!

We’ve been listening to Classic For Kids stories about Bach and adding elements to our music lapbook. Oldest has his periods of music down: baroque, classical, romantic, modern.

lapbooking orchestra

We’ve also been learning the seating chart for an orchestra, learning the different instrument families, and trying to identify certain instruments by sound.

orchestra seating lapbook


And did I mention that Littlest is joining the fun, now? He’s making music of his own these days.

homeschooling with baby
How's this sound?


homeschooling with baby

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7 thoughts on “Lapbooking the Orchestra

  1. We are adding lapbooking this year and I’m so excited!

  2. we are going to be trying lapbooking as well! Love seeing yours.

  3. I have still not tried lap booking, but I keep hearing great things about it. We should try it this year! I love this lap book and I am so impressed that your children are learning so much about the fine arts as such a young age!

  4. I love the music lapbook! Classics for Kids looks cool. I’m anxious to check that out more closely.

  5. Have you listened to Britten’s Young Folks Guide to the Orchestra and Peter and the Wolf. They are excellent for introduction.

    • Post Author Tracy

      I think I’ve seen that on a blog somewhere, but I haven’t checked my library yet.

  6. Sounds great! We have ‘loose’ plans for the summer too. I hate to stop everything, but also want lots of time for fun! Thanks for sharing with us last week at Trivium Tuesdays! I hop to see you again this week!

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