Counting Coins Folder Game

When we first began our homeschool journey, I made several folder games and regularly placed them in the kids’ workbox pockets. But it’s been awhile since we’ve had time and opportunity. I decided it was time to add a new game to our collection: Counting Coins File Folder Game.

Counting Coins

My son has had a little trouble remembering his coins; nickels and quarters especially trip him up. And though “store” is a great game to play when you are teaching about money, I just can’t get it together on a regular basis. The Counting Coins Folder Game looked like the perfect solution. I had oldest help me with the cutting and pasting. We worked on it for a couple of days. Now that it is finally assembled, playing “store” is as easy as pulling out this handy folder.

Counting Coins

The pockets will give him practice sorting the coins and learning the differences between nickels and quarters. Then, he gets to select an item from the store, decide which coins will total the amount he needs, take the item to “check out”, and count the coins out to me. I was so impressed by how quickly he caught on after just a few “purchases.”

Counting Coins

I purchased the game for $3 at It’s a simple game, but I loved all the time it saved me—no brainstorming store items and different price amounts. It’s all there for me: quick, easy, and educational. You just can’t beat that.

Especially now that Littlest is more alert and placing greater demands on Mommy these days.

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  1. That looks like a fabulous game! Thanks for sharing the link. And, by the way, the little one is SO cute!

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