Beginning Bird Study

For our nature study, we are now starting our bird study, and it’s already been so much fun. I love how the Lord blesses with unique opportunities to observe His creation up close.

The kids found this abandoned nest fallen from a tree. The little innocents brought me the nest and a branch, asking me to glue the branch to a tree so that the nest would have a place to go.

We examined the nest and talked about what the bird had used to build the nest. Both the kids got a big kick out of the fact that the nest was made mostly from our dog’s hair! Then Middlest put it in her bicycle basket and rode around with it the rest of the day.

Another fun aspect to our bird study has been the Feeder Bird DVD from Your Backyard. I was actually sent the DVD as part of a giveaway that I won and have really enjoyed it. Kid-friendly and informative, the DVD helps the viewer to identify common feeder birds by sight and sound. Each day, we’ve watched a short segment of the DVD on a particular bird then looked and listened for that particular bird. I’m sure we’ll watch this several times until we get our bird IDs down.

It’s been a fun, relaxed introduction to bird-watching. Regardless of the kids, I can’t wait to learn more!

Published by Tracy
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