DIY Notebooking Pages

I recently ran across a website that has youtube videos walking you through the process of making your own notebooking pages. What a find!

And best yet, she didn’t use an expensive design program to do it. She used Power Point. And I used my free Open Office equivalent to Power Point. A free program to make free notebooking pages that match exactly what we are studying!

Discovering this was really, truly a God-send. You see, has just announced her new program to design your own notebooking pages, but to use the program you have to get a membership. It’s on sale this month for around $50 (typically about $75), which is still more than I have to spend. And I must admit that I was struggling a little with covetousness. But as I cast my care upon God, He led me to this very awesome tutorial.

Truly an answer to my prayers, and perhaps an answer to yours as well. Have fun!

(I’ll be sharing some pictures in future posts, as I get the hang of this.)

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4 thoughts on “DIY Notebooking Pages

  1. This sounds super! I have been right with you on my feelings for and just talked about it with my husband the other day. I just can’t justify the expense for the sake of convenience. Anxious to see your future posts on this. Thank you for sharing!

    • Post Author Tracy

      I couldn’t justify the expense either. Perhaps if the notebooking pages were my entire curriculum, and I created my own unit studies, it might be different. I’m so glad this was helpful!

  2. I’m so glad that God provided an alternative for you. There are lots of freebies, and you can make your own for sure. But remember that kids can notebook with plain paper as well. You really only need the bare bones school supplies. That’s one thing that makes is a very frugal choice.

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