Susan Evans Workshops

The other night, I listened to a Susan Evans workshop on “Making Literature Fun.” It was my first time listening to anything from Susan Evans, and I enjoyed it immensely. She was fun, casual, informative; it was like listening to a fellow homeschool mom from your co-op. Her ideas were fantastic! Everything from art projects, to science experiments, to dramatic historical productions were suggested as ways to make the classics an unforgettable experience for your toddler and your high schooler.

Susan taught for seven years in a variety of settings, working with several different age groups, before homeschooling her four children. She related so many fun memories of activities that she did with her own children, interwoven with some fantastic tips. For instance, she suggests that you do watch the movie BEFORE reading a book if that book has a complicated plot (what I had always considered a no-no in all circumstances). She offers several tips on how to get active young children to sit still during your read-aloud time and a myriad of ideas for unit studies to supplement the books you are reading. Her one hour workshop (available for only $5.50 on her website) mentions over 39 classics specifically and tons of hands-on ideas.

I was also able to listen to Susan’s recording of “Overcoming Math Frustration,” which provided a moving story of her own struggles with her children in this area and the lessons God taught her as she prayed through those struggles. She also reviews a few different math approaches during the talk and provides some “living math” ideas along with a few tips to diffuse the tension from math-battles in your home.

Susan’s website offers more information, articles, unit studies, and other workshops that she has done. Also, if you sign up on her website, you can get her newest items for free before she posts them for sale in her store. I signed up for her freebies and can’t wait to be getting the first installments in my inbox. I’ve also bookmarked her website to get more ideas when we begin our study of ancient history in the fall.

Browse around her website, check out her Youtube videos, and get totally inspired. It’s like a customized homeschool convention, and you never have to leave your home!

*Disclaimer: I received two free audio workshops in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Published by Tracy
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