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I mentioned in a previous post how much I have enjoyed notebooking with my littles. It has been a great fit for what I know I’m capable of tackling and for my kids’ creativity, not to mention a terrific record of what we’ve done this year in geography/science.

Really though, this year was just a taste. Next year, we really plunge into the depths of notebooking and all of its capabilities. Because of the timing of baby #3’s arrival, I have most of next year planned (as far as resources and curriculum go), so I know just how much notebooking I intend to do—history, Bible, science, handwriting, art/music

And, to make sure I had the budget and the resources for my major project, I’ve done some searching. Here are some resources that I’ll be using:

Notebooking Fairy is a website I just recently discovered and absolutely love. Not only does she have a number of free printable pages, but she also has an ebook on notebooking with some really terrific instruction for first-time notebookers and those who might just need a little inspiration. She covers how to use notebooking at the different grade levels, what to include for each grade level, and a number of notebooking pages to get you started. I was greatly encouraged by her info and eager to do more. She also periodically posts links to other notebooking resources, like her February Round-up post.


Notebooking Pages is another website with a wealth of notebooking pages, some for free and some for purchase. The yearly membership is way out of budget, but a couple of the notebooking packs that she sells looked perfect for us: one for nature study, which we’ll probably use for this summer; and one for anatomy, which we’ll pick up for the fall.

I also stumbled upon some really cute subject dividers from Disney’s Family Fun website, of all places—and they’re free!

Most of my notebooking pages are included in the Tapestry of Grace curriculum, but I did notice in my search that there are a number of yahoo groups that include files of notebooking pages others have created for Tapestry of Grace and Apologia, and I’m sure there are others.

That’s what I’ve found in my brief search. I also found a number of resources for nutrition, but I’ll cover those in another post. In the meantime, feel free to comment with your favorite places to find notebooking resources. I’d love to check them out!

*This post does contain an affiliate link to the ebook Notebooking Success and Tapestry of Grace.

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