Silly Sentence Copywork

One of the things I have added to our schedule for the sake of variety is some silly sentence copywork.

  • My First Sentence Building is one fun activity we have included about once a week. The different sentence parts are color-coded, so it is simple for my four year old to match the color-coded word or phrase to the multi-colored bar, creating his own silly sentences. “The rat hops.” “His dog swims.” “A cat naps.” Then, my son writes his silly creations on the wipesheet, and I inspect his copywork after I finish working with his sister.
  • Another favorite are some silly sentence puzzles that my mom picked up for us. It basically works on the same concept as above, except that, instead of color-coded, the pieces are shaped to only fit together a certain way. “The pig ate peas in a hat.” “The fox made jam on a boat.” “The frog drove a tractor on a cake.” Then, my son writes his silliness on either a wipeboard or some tablet paper for me to inspect later.

He has worked very well on his own with this activity, though he has a very hard time doing it silently. After all, it’s just too funny to keep it all to himself.

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2 thoughts on “Silly Sentence Copywork

  1. What a fun activity! Where did you get the puzzle?

  2. Post Author Tracy

    My mom picked it up from a hospital benefit sale, and I can’t find it on the internet anywhere. However, I did find a similar product on Amazon.

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