The Cozy Corner Makeover

"Cozy Corner" is a space for free reading, flashcard review, and spontaneous distractions for Little One when I've run out of planned activities for her.

I have to say, the “cozy corner” is probably one of my favorite parts of our schoolroom (second only to the workbox hanging files.) So, the thought of having to move my corner was not an overly exciting one. Even when I brainstormed the idea of placing all of our coziness underneath the built-in desk area, I still hesitated. You see, I’m not a seamstress although I ought to be (my grandma is a brilliant seamstress, but something happened to the genes on the way down to me), and I knew my idea required at the very least, some sort of cute curtain entrance.

I knew this because I’ve been occasionally perusing the genius of others on Pinterest. I’d seen the idea incorporated a few different ways, and the hideaway nook always came with at least one curtain and often two. Then came the obstacle of finding fabric that was cute, easy to work with (considering my handicaps), and relatively inexpensive. Low and behold, my local Walmart actually came through on that end. Imagine that! When I spotted the fabric, I finally knew I was ready to try to make a go of this move.

I purchased two yards of fabric (purposely choosing stripes to help me with the cutting); fabric glue (sorry grandma, really. I just can’t figure out my bobbin); an extension rod; and command hooks.

Now, here are my secrets. These will relieve some of you and horrify the rest of you. I measured entirely by holding the fabric up to my space, no measuring tape. I ironed my hem, rather than pinning it. I glued my hem on all sides and glued the space for the extension rod (measuring that by merely placing my extension rod on the fabric). I really turned out fantastically, considering my very unscientific method. And though I initially had intended to tie it back, the whole family voted to leave it just the way it was—a secret hideaway closed off from the rest of the world.

Next, the second innovation was how to hang the curtain. You see, I personally hate extension rods. They never work; and they always fall down on someone’s head. But, I also did not want to drill holes into the sides of our desk, in case someone ever wanted to use that space for the purpose it was intended for. Thus, command hooks seemed like a brilliant option. The extension rod slipped nicely into the hooks. And though it does slip out of place sometimes, it is so easy to slip back into place that the kids can take care of it by themselves.

So, the last step was to move our “cozy corner” items into place. Again, my hanging canvas pocket is attached beneath the desk using command hooks, the basket of books and activities slides nicely into the corner, and eventually I’d like to add a nighlight to stick to the “roof” of the space and a cozy pillow to complete the aura. But for now, our cozy corner/hidey hole just beckons for a visitor.

And in the former “cozy corner”,  I now have space for a large filing cabinet! (Yay!)

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