Free Board Game Printable

Review Board Game PrintableWe are gearing up for our first unit celebration of the year, and I’ve been busy plotting our fun. Last year, we made some very special memories playing “Daddy vs. the kids” using the flashcard facts the kids had been working on. I wanted to continue that tradition this year, with a few changes.

After much thought and tons of prayer, I’m excited about out new Board Game Review (Boring name, I know. I’m taking suggestions.) Here’s how our game works. I have our flashcard facts written on 3×5 cards to use as playing cards in a stack turned face down.

1. Roll the dice.

2. Draw a card and answer the question.

3. If answered correctly, move the number of spaces on the dice.

4. Write down the points for the space you landed on.

5. Progress to the end, repeating steps 1-4, and tally point totals.

Let me illustrate for you. Player 1 rolls a 3 and answers the question correctly. He moves 3 spaces and gets 3 points. On his next turn, he rolls a 1 and answers correctly. He only moves one space, but this time he earns 4 points (because he landed on the 4). On his next turn, he rolls a 6 and answers correctly. He moves 6 spaces to the space marked with a “10” and earns 10 more points.

I’m really hopeful about this version of our game because the point totals are not in direct correlation to the questions themselves. Plus, each player gets 100 points just for finishing!

Want to play your own version? Here’s your board game printable. Just make up your own cards, borrow some pawn game pieces from another board game, and roll your dice!

Celebrating the Year’s End

We’ve managed two “unit celebrations” this year, one at mid-year and one now at the end of the year. I may never be able to manage more than two in a year, but it’s definitely been worth the effort.

I’d intended to have the party nearly 2 weeks ago, but things didn’t turn out as planned and our party got postponed indefinitely. So, rather on the spur of the moment, I figured it was now or never; and we declared it party-day.

Tapestry of Grace unit celebration

The kids have had their projects done for awhile, waiting for me to declare the day. And we’ve been reviewing our flashcards each morning with a new app I’ve tried out and really like (flashcards+).

We served up chocolate chip cookie-cake and popcorn. I let the kids have free rein with the icing.

End of the Year Celebration

Then, we set up our display and the kids gave their presentations.

Middlest is sharing about Roman clothes with her paper dolls and diorama.
Middlest shared about Roman clothes with her paper dolls and diorama.


Oldest gave a dramatic retelling of the Punic Wars.
Oldest gave a dramatic retelling of the Punic Wars.

We watched a short video “yearbook” with clips of our memory work, and then it was time for the trivia game.

The kids talk smack with their dad for weeks before the game, and the hype is huge. The game is mostly between Dad and Oldest; I referee and give the questions from our flashcards; Middlest is on Oldest’s team and jumps in when she knows an answer.

Dad ended up winning this time, by 4 points. But even this was a great lesson on character rather than just history facts. This kids talked on and on about what fun they had, in spite of Dad’s big win. Especially for my super competitive and perfectionist son, it was great to reflect on how much fun you can even if you aren’t the winner. Plus, it keeps them motivated with their flashcards; Dad is tough competition.

Tapestry Trivia

Another wonderful plus about these little parties is the opportunity we get to bring Dad into our learning. It’s the kids’ opportunity for some show-and-tell, and Dad learns right along with us to be able to keep up with his fierce competitors.

And the most obvious reward is celebrating what the kids have accomplished. All the hard work over the past weeks and months gets recognized.

A few days after our party, a used car commercial came on announcing their end of the year “summer celebration” sale. Middlest lit up immediately, “We had one of those!” Mission accomplished: a year celebrated and a summer begun.

Homeschool Mother's Journal

Celebrating Success

I’ve mentioned a few of the changes we’ve made to help Tapestry of Grace work for us, and I mentioned my ideas for our upcoming unit celebration. Well, this is an update on how all of that came together for us.

We celebrated our first “unit” celebration which actually incorporated two different units. The kids had been working hard on flashcard facts, timeline chants, our Bible memory, and lapbooks. All of that was on display for our celebration.

Unit 2


Knowing that they would be battling it out with Daddy during our “Tapestry Bowl” trivia contest, the kids were super motivated to memorize their facts. They recited things like the three stages of the mummification process, the three Patriarchs, the definition of a covenant, the definition of a civilization, the definition of an empire, the 2 cities of the Indus River Civilization, the 4 dynasties of ancient China, etc.


Our Tapestry Bowl consisted of three rounds plus a final round, with each round getting tougher and worth more points.

We had a show and tell time, where the kids took turns sitting with Dad and showing off their notebooks, lapbooks, report cards, etc.


And of course, we snacked. There was no ethnic food or elaborate costumes involved. Just comfortable jammies, some popcorn, gummy worms, and mint Oreos (yum!) Yet, it was a perfect reward for all their hard work, it allowed us to unite as a family in what we were learning, and it gave the kids a chance to review and recite all that they had learned.

Mission accomplished!