“Where in the world…” Geography game

I love pinterest. It’s an amazing place to find ideas, and this geography game idea has to be one of my new favorites.

"Where in the world is Mr. Sprinkle?"
“Where in the world is Mr. Sprinkle?”

Really, the game is a fun quiz. After the teaching has been done, I get out the sprinkles, place a few sprinkles on some of the places we are studying, and then call out “Mr. Sprinkle is in [fill in the blank].” For instance, “Mr. Sprinkle is in Rome,” “Mr. Sprinkle is in the Mediterranean Sea,” “Mr. Sprinkle is in the North Sea,” “Mr. Sprinkle…”—you get the idea.

The kids find the sprinkle and eat it! So awesome! Of course, you could do this with any candy or treat. But, as the original poster suggested, a sprinkle is not a lot of sugar to feel guilty about feeding your kids. They won’t ruin their lunch with this game. And, as an added bonus, the maps stay relatively clean. (But you could always put them in a sheet protector if you are concerned about smudges.)

Geography Quiz Game

Another fun part about this game is that Middlest can play and learn, too. If she seems stumped, I give her a clue by the color of the sprinkle. “Look for a blue sprinkle.” And that helps her to find it more quickly.

Most of all, the quiz becomes something to look forward to rather than a dreaded exercise. I love making learning fun, and this is a definite winner!

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Eating Egypt

We love geography: maps, globes, atlases, all of it! But we’ve definitely taken our geography to new heights with our Egypt study. It’s one thing to make a map, but it’s something entirely different to get to eat your map after you’ve made it!

We’ve been working on learning the map of Egypt. Each day we’d review the different places on the map that I wanted them to remember. The first couple of days, we do this with the Teacher map that includes the names and locations. We finished the week reviewing with a blank student map. Finally, I finish the map work by having each of the kids label a blank map. I got the idea from The Jobe Journal to actually create labels for the kids to stick onto the map, since neither of my kids are really at the age for filling out blanks on a map. This has worked great! They love “stickers” and it gives me a good idea of what they are remembering.

But then came the real fun. I baked some cookie dough and got out the frosting.

Eating Egypt


Eating Egypt


Egypt map study

We frosted the entire cookie first. Our desert or “Red Lands” were decorated with colored sugar sprinkles. The kids (with a little oversight and direction) frosted the fertile flood plains (or Black Land), the Nile River, and the Nile River Delta. I had originally planned for our pyramids to be chocolate chips, but it wasn’t until after we finished frosting our cookie that I realized I was out of chocolate chips. After a brief moment of panic, I remembered that I did have tootsie rolls. So I pinched off tootsie roll and shaped it into pyramids for the kids to place on their cookies.

Eating Egypt

After all that hard work, I was barely able to get pictures before the kids were begging to “eat Egypt.” Let’s just say, this is one map they won’t forget soon.

Egypt map study

Concluding our World Tour

Our geography is finally coming to a conclusion. We got really derailed with the arrival of Littlest, which took us much further into the summer than what I expected. But it’s been a fun journey, and no one has complained that our tour has taken a few extra months.

We just wrapped up South America with a study of Peru, Brazil, and the rainforest. Expedition Earth has a fantastic rainforest diorama to construct, but it was just a little bit more than what I’m capable of tackling right now: deconstructing and organizing the school room, preparing next year’s plans, trying to salvage my milk supply for Littlest, plus the “normal” every day that Life throws at ya’.

So, I opted for this rainforest app from Britannica.

iPhone Screenshot 1

We’ve had a ton of fun with this app. It comes with lots of games and puzzles that feature animals of the rainforest. There are also tons of articles about the rainforest and its plants and animals. Another big favorite were all the photos and videos of the rainforest.

iPhone Screenshot 2
Memory Match


iPhone Screenshot 4


iPhone Screenshot 5

Then we let the kids watch an episode of I Shouldn’t Be Alive that featured a couple of guys lost in the Amazon rainforest.

The kids also learned the different layers of the rainforest: emergent layer, canopy, understory, and forest floor. It would have made a terrific notebooking page, but I tell you, I’m just having trouble getting to everything right now. So we studied from our app and a few pictures. Maybe another day we’ll be able to make our diorama and notebooking page.

Finally we turned our binders into bound books. Since my pro-click binding is editable, I can add the last pages once they are completed. (But I needed the kids binders to get ready for next year, so this helped free up some space.)



geography notebooks


geography notebooking


notebooking geography


North America is our last continent. We’ll cover Canada and Mexico. Then, conveniently, our church is putting on a music camp and performing a musical about America. It will segue perfectly into the tail end of our tour. It’s been a fun and memorable journey. Nobody’s asked me, but our geography study was definitely the favorite part of MY school year!