Homeschool Theme Days: ideas for spring and nature activities

spring and nature activities | homeschool theme day ideas

This time of year, I get about as antsy as the kids. The sun is out, everything is in bloom, and I want to be part of all that nature. The bookwork and crafts that have occupied us all year through the rainy season no longer hold their appeal. It’s time to bring school outside and to bring the outside indoors. It’s time for a homeschool theme day for spring!

Ideas for Spring and Nature Activities:

  • Create Nature Art. And I mean create WITH the nature. Start with a nature walk and allow the kids to pick their art tools and supplies from their nature finds. Create earth art outside with rocks, sticks, and leaves. Let them create their own little fairy or gnome village. Then take your art inside and create some more—paint with nature, paint on nature, or create a collage of their treasures. The possibilities for spring and nature activities are endless.

  • Add some science. I probably wouldn’t do both nature art and science, at least not on the same day, because I like my theme days to be fun without a ton of extra effort. But if you have a child that prefers science to nature art, here are some great ideas to incorporate science into your spring and nature activities. (And, of course, your more than welcome to do both!)

  • Read spring-themed or nature-themed books. Rabbit Hill is one of our favorites, as well as Clara D. Pierson’s Among the People series, or search some of the other great ideas.

  • Have a picnic! What’s a party without food? Go natural with lots of fruit to create fun snacks. There’s even some fun “lunch box” jokes to share at your picnic. (My kids love these!) Or enjoy your read-aloud of choice while you snack on your fun spring food. For an added surprise, you can even have a picnic for breakfast instead of lunch.


Let’s get outside! I can’t wait to celebrate spring. (For more spring and nature activities & ideas, check out my Homeschool Theme Days board.)

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