Homeschool Theme Days: St. Patrick’s Day


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I’m only slightly Irish, but I do love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I think it’s the food. I love me some corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. And my kids love any excuse for a party, which is why I’m embracing some homeschool theme days to create some fun learning memories and create an inspiring learning environment. Need some ideas to add a little gold and rainbows to your homeschool routine?

Homeschool Theme Days:

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Idea #1: Read together. St. Patrick’s Day provides some great reading opportunities: read about Ireland, leprechaun legends, or about St. Patrick himself. 

Idea #2: Watch a youtube video about the history of the holiday.

Idea #3: Plan a few fun crafts and activities. Depending on how much time you have to devote to your party, there are tons of crafts and puzzles to choose from.

My kids love the “would you rather” questions, so I’m pretty sure this is making the list of our party activities, as well.

Idea #4: Integrate your other subjects into your celebration. Play a St. Patrick’s themed math game or complete a unit study that incorporates all of the subjects.

Idea #5: Food, of course! There are a ton of cute ideas. If you have food allergies, a fruit rainbow is another fun option. Not to mention the traditional corned beef and cabbage. (Want my favorite St. Patrick’s Day recipe for our allergy-friendly kitchen?) 

Bonus Idea: Take a nature walk and look for clover shapes and potential leprechaun homes. Your kids may even enjoy creating their own leprechaun terrarium.

It doesn’t take much to get a party-spirit going. Pick just one or two of these activities, let them dress in green, and you’ve got a party. Or, fill the entire week with lots of green and rainbows and leprechauns. Choosing a homeschool theme day has one objective: have fun creating memories. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Want more fun homeschool theme days? Check out my Pinterest board for more creative ideas.

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