Homeschool Theme Days: Celebrating Dr. Seuss

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My kids love a party, and it doesn’t take much to qualify as a party. Wacky Hair Day, Mismatched Socks Day—just add “Day” to the end of anything and it’s a self-made party. I’m not always in the mood to plan a party, but I know this can be a huge mood-changer for our homeschool. And I keep telling myself, it really doesn’t take much to get them excited. I still hear about our Dr. Seuss Celebration I threw together five years ago (the morning of, no prep, and super pregnant). I haven’t celebrated Dr. Seuss since, but I’m thinking it’s time to revisit some of these fun memory-makers. So as part of my planning, I’ll be blogging periodically about some Homeschool Theme Day ideas that I’m collecting on Pinterest.

Homeschool Theme Days:

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday (March 2)

Idea #1: Read together! There are so many fun Dr. Seuss titles. Pick your favorites, and let them pick their favorites. If you have older kids, have them pick a story to read to a younger sibling or complete a fun Dr. Seuss reading challenge with your assigned reading for the day.

Idea #2: Let them dress up. My kids usually need no prompting for a dress up party, especially if it means they can be silly and mismatch items. If your child needs a little help with this, maybe incorporate a craft that will double as a costume.

Idea #3: Do an activity. Depending on your time and how involved you want your theme day to be, choose a craft, a science activity, or all of the above! Come up with your own Dr. Seuss-style poem together. Or, if your children are younger, let them draw their own illustrations for a Dr. Seuss book. There are so many ideas, it’s hard to just pick a favorite to show you. So be sure to check out my board for more ideas.

Idea #4: Integrate the fun into your regular school. Let your kids use colored pens for their schoolwork. Have Dr. Seuss themed stickers handy to decorate pages. Use Dr. Seuss themed worksheets for your subjects. 

Idea #5: Have food! Cat in the Hat fruit kabobs, green eggs and ham treats, there are lots of ideas. With food allergies, it’s always tricky to come up with a food idea. But where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Don’t feel like you need to do it all. Just pick a couple of fun ideas that feel do-able. Remember, the key is to make some fun memories and recharge your homeschool atmosphere. A little goes along way. But with all these fun ideas, I’ve got to admit, I’m tempted to keep this rolling all week.

Want more fun theme-day ideas? Follow my board as I continue to collect ideas for more homeschool fun.

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  1. Hi Tracy. I love this idea and so will my kids. It’s a simple idea that can bring a fun factor to the day. I hope you post some more of these gems:)

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