2015 Word of the Year: Invested

For my fourth year now, I’ve chosen a word of the year. It seems to be quite the trend now, although I didn’t realize the trend when I began. But perhaps it’s trending because of it’s effectiveness. I’ve loved choosing one word, one theme, one verse to meditate and focus on all year.

All of my goals and “resolutions” stem from this one perspective. In my personal Bible study, I often find the Lord revealing things to me about the specific area I’ve prayerfully chosen. And looking back, I’m humbled and inspired to see the year truly characterized by that word.

Which in one way, puts a lot of pressure on you to select the right word. I had a long list of possibilities this year. It was tough to choose. So what I ended up doing was looking through my list for words that were, in essence, the same idea. I found a single word that incorporated as many of these words as possible. And that word…drum roll…was Invested.

Word of the Year: Invested

My goal, hope, prayer for 2015 is to be less distracted and more invested in each moment. To focus, to connect, to be present in the SINGLE most important thing for that moment.

The busyness of life often forces us to multi-task, but what I’ve found is that a lot of my multi-tasking comes from anxiety over the next moment, and truly distracts from the moment I’m in.

Instead of half-mindedly listening to my children while I do something else, I’ve begun either stopping my task, or asking them to wait until I can give them my full attention. I’ll say something like, “I really want to hear what you are telling me, but I can’t give you the attention I want to give you right now. If you will wait just a moment, I will be able to listen to you better.”

Instead of running over plans and lists and to-dos and what I will say next, I focus on the one thing most needful. And TRUST that God will help me with the problems of the next moment when it’s time.

Life is so short. Moments so quickly vanish. I want to be invested in each one.

What’s your word for 2015? Comment and tell me all about it!