The Next Step to Simplicity

The Lord is moving and shaking in my life right now. Praying to be satisfied in Him has been one of those life-altering prayers: buckle up before you pray it! A lot of those lessons have been very hard. The spiritual warfare in our lives over the last few weeks and months has been intense. But through it, we’ve been blessed to see God, in an amazing, personal way. Pray for us!

But in the midst of all of this, the Lord is moving my heart and priorities as well. My blog is one of those changes. I’m no longer reviewing products, and I’m no longer pressuring myself to post on a schedule, to maintain consistent daily views, to promote and increase readership, to slave over pinteresting pictures to accompany every post. Perhaps you’ve noticed some of those changes.

What I’ve discovered during my quiet moments before God is that my blog has become a burden over the last several months. It was another area of my life where I felt I was failing. Failing to post regularly, failing to include pictures, failing to maintain readers. And I lost the joy of writing. Then, too, the time I committed to blogging took away from what was most important, my God and my ministry to my husband and children. I really WANT to make these changes I’m blogging about to you, and it takes time to do that.

So you’ll see a few different things around here. Namely, I’m not blogging to fit into the blogging culture. I’ll blog what I’m learning and what’s on my heart. I’ll blog when I have time. And when I have cute pictures to share, I’ll try to include those, too. The “quality” of my blog might suffer some, but I prefer to look at it as simplicity. It’s just the next step in simplicity, in being satisfied with less—and yet being satisfied with more, through Christ, at the same time.

2 thoughts on “The Next Step to Simplicity

  1. I liked your blog when you were seemingly “doing it all”. I like it even better now that you’re not! Thank you for sharing honestly your journey toward rethinking priorities. I applaud you and find courage to do the same in my life.

    • Post Author Tracy

      Thank you so much for your encouragement! And I’d greatly appreciate your prayers, as I fight to keep “first things” first in my life.

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