Embracing Solitude

Monday Motivation

Perhaps it’s the introvert in me, but certain times of the day I absolutely crave solitude. And with three lively {loud} children filling my halls and both levels of my house with their whoops and hollers, I especially crave silence with that solitude.

So I carve out a space in the afternoon, a quiet time that is rigidly observed. It’s a time for Littlest to nap and the older two to choose creative activities that aren’t as noisy (coloring, drawing, reading, legos). And as the echoes of screaming chaos fade into the bliss of afternoon stillness, I sink into my favorite chair to savor the moments. But, oh! does that time seem short, even more so as Littlest is now in a big-boy-bed and his naps are consequently shorter.

But I’ve recently discovered that my habits for my time may not be the best use of my solitude. Am I really allowing myself to be alone?

Here’s what I’m getting at. My first moments of stillness consist of immediately connecting to the world-wide-web of people and information. I turn off the noises in my house, and open immediately to the “noise” of email and facebook. I am not “alone” but simply surrounding myself with a different group of people, a wonderful group of people but people no less. And so, rather than using these precious few moments to really nurture myself and connect with the One who can renew my strength for the last lap of my day, I distract myself.

Am I ditching the internet? No, I need those connections and friendships with people. But I also need to steward them well, to keep those connections and the internet in check.

It’s much easier to fill my life with noise (even good noise) than to be still before the Lord and delight in His presence, to sharpen the creative gifts He’s entrusted me with, and to rest.

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Published by Tracy
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