More than Dirt

Monday Motivation

I was praying with my son when the realization struck me. I was praying grace and encouragement to him when the Spirit spoke grace to my soul, too.

He was discouraged with the slow process of building character and of failing again. He was angry with himself. There were a lot of things I could have told him to take the pain away. But I knew that life is filled with moments of failure. I want him to know how to deal with those moments. “Don’t look down; look up! Don’t stay in your failure but look to grace and forgiveness.”

I explained how slow a growing garden can be, how all we see is dirt and it seems like nothing is happening—but below the soil, a lot is happening. Then, one day, almost when we least expect it, there is fruit. Character can take awhile to grow.

Then we prayed together, and I wanted to pray encouragement. So I thanked God that He knows our frame, that we are dust, just a pile of dirt. And yet, we are not just dirt. For in creation, the very breath of God gave life to that pile of dirt. Perhaps I was praying for my son, but I needed that refreshing truth.

I may be just a pile of dirt, but I’m also filled with the very life-giving, grace-filled breath of God.