How We Do

How We Do series

My hero over at Vitafamiliae is running a series of posts on how her household runs, a household of 7 kids including a Littlest of her own (just a week or so older than our Littlest). Since I’ve been rethinking the “how” of my entire life lately, I thought I’d join her series and think my “hows” out loud to you all. Kind of two birds with one stone, idea. Some of my hows will be household-related and some will be homeschool-related. I doubt any of it will be earth-shattering, but I hope it will be encouraging at the very least.

Here’s my brainstorm for what’s upcoming:

How we do Bible study (includes my routine, my Oldest’s routine, Middlest’s effort, and our family time).

How we do mornings (our revised “Upside Down” schedule).

How we do cleaning.

How we do music study, art study, history, science and nature study, math, and language (each with their own respective posts).

How we do rough days and sick days.

And whatever else pops into my head in the meantime. Have questions about our routine? Some “hows” that you’d like to see? Feel free to comment on this post or contact me through the form at the top of the page. I’d love to hear your ideas!