Evaluating ME

Evaluating Me

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve spent a lot of time evaluating. I do a lot of evaluating this time of year, gearing up for the big purchasing spree for next year’s books. Believe it or not, even Tapestry of Grace gets thrown into the ring for evaluation. Nothing is spared this rigorous, tedious, and depressing task.

It’s the age-old “am I doing enough” homeschool question that we are forced to ask ourselves.

We’re half-way through our second year of Tapestry, and I still love it. I love what the kids are learning, I love the books, I love the worldview and church history woven into the lessons, I love the customizing I’m allowed to do, I even love the planning and prep.

I don’t love that I have to create the memory work for my kids (and wonder if I’m doing it right or requiring too much or too little). And I don’t love how much time it takes to prep, plan, and execute. So each year, I look at other history curriculums. Okay, each year I specifically look at Classical Conversations. It is impressive. If you’ve ever looked at it, you know what I mean.

In fact, we use a lot of Classical Conversation stuff to supplement TOG. I love the CC apps. And I always search youtube for Classical Conversation videos to help with my memory work and chants with the kids. So, should I just buckle down and make the switch?

I’ll tell you what helped me make up my mind to stick with Tapestry (at least until next year, when I debate this again). I emailed a woman who participates in a Classical Conversation and asked her if it eased her burden or increased it. She emailed back that it would depend on whether or not I could let go of “but we could have” and “but we should have.” Oh my goodness! That comment illuminated the whole issue.

Really, the issue wasn’t my curriculum at all. I honestly love Tapestry. The problem is with me and would most likely carry over with anything I used, because truthfully I have trouble letting go of the “but we could have/but we should have.” We could have memorized more, we could have added more books, we could have been more delight-driven. We should have added more science and more nature study and more music and more art.” But then, we wouldn’t really have a life, right?

So I’ve chosen once more to pack up my super woman cape, and admit to being human. Admit that less than perfect is perfectly okay. Admit that the problem isn’t my science or history curriculum, but in my own evaluations. Admit that I am in desperate need of grace daily, even moment by moment. And to be satisfied with that grace and with the humbling required to receive it.

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  1. Being satisfied with curriculum is SO difficult for me! There is just so much good stuff out there! Especially for history!

    I’d love to implement aspects of CC at home, particularly the memory work. Any websites/links that have been particularly helpful as you supplemented TOG with CC?

    I like the CC idea of learning to draw a map of the world from memory and want to use the book “Mapping the World with Art” our next cycle through world history. For now, we enjoy “Mr. Marshmallow” (aka “Mr. Sprinkle”) and our Geography Songs CD. Also just purchased “Legends and Leagues” for next year. Thanks for your inspiration!

    • Post Author Tracy

      I really like the CC apps. They are pricey, as far as apps go, but well worth it. My kids have a lot of fun with the memory work and songs included in the app. We have Cycle 1 right now and have been using it for a couple of years. I intend to get the others for this upcoming year. History, science, Latin, and more are included. I also search “Classical Conversations” on youtube to pick up a few more chants and songs to incorporate, particularly the old Veritas Press timeline. One other element I intend to use are their Trivium Tables. If you search the store on the CC website, they have fold outs of grammar, latin, and geography. I think you’d probably like their map resources, which are very economical. And I love both Geography Songs and Legends and Leagues. Both are great resources that have been big hits with my kiddos.

  2. We are in a CC community, and I dream of just doing tapestry of grace! If you love the program, don’t give it up for CC because I assume you love the 4 year history cycle and the opportunity to take your time and read all of the great books. It will be very difficult to match up CC to TOG, three year cycle and such. And after doing TOG, I don’t think you’d be happy just doing the CC memory work. It’s a bit choppy, misses so many key points in history, and goes too fast through very different historical concepts to follow along smoothly. I’d love to just to TOG but am having trouble letting go of the community. Just my two cents… however I’m sticking with CC for now… if only there were a TOG version of CC!! 🙂

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