Monday MotivationI had this word picked out in November. It was a word that God impressed upon my heart as I delved into Romans 6 and a Ladies’ Bible Study in the book of James, a battle of desires. Would my desires faithfully serve God and influence my body to be an instrument of righteousness, or would my desires serve my flesh?

I know what the answer tends to be in my life. And as I prayed about these conflicting desires, the word satisfied took root.

Then, Thanksgiving came and with it our tradition of reading and focusing on certain Psalms. Psalm 145:16: God satisfies the desires of every living thing. What a profound thought!

And so, my word for the year was chosen, and I’ve spent the last couple of months meditating on that word and different passages of Scripture that reflect that idea.

What do I want to see this next year? How do I want to be different? I want to be aware in each day what I am choosing to be satisfied with, what I am dissatisfied about.

Am I dissatisfied with the amount of rest I have or with the amount of time I’ve been given?

Am I dissatisfied with the tasks I have before me, or with the resources I have at hand to complete those tasks?

And when I’m dissatisfied, how does God satisfy? Because I serve a God, who opens His hand and satisfies every living thing.

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