Choosing A Word for the New Year

Word of the YearThere’s nothing that says you have to pick a word out at the beginning of the year, just like there’s nothing spiritual about New Year’s Resolutions. But the most meaningful goals I have had in my life have been the ones I’ve formed over the last couple of years in conjunction with these New Year’s Words.

The first year I did this was in 2012, when Littlest was still bulging inside of me. I chose the word joy. I knew that, while welcoming a little one is very joyful, it can easily steal the joy from a household over the long months as everyone transitions. The verse I meditated on that year was one in Deuteronomy 28:47-48, when God warned the Israelites that if they did not serve God with joy, they would inevitably serve their enemies. My enemies would not be warrior-nations, but I would definitely be taken captive my doubt, anger, frustration, and my flesh if I did not serve God with joy. Year 2 of my journey was last year, with the word intentional, meditating on “redeeming the time.”

This hasn’t been  about just making goals. It’s been about meditating and studying themes and passages of Scripture and actually taking steps to make those passages a part of my life.

So how do I choose a word? I don’t have a step-by-step process. Most of the time, it comes from areas in my life I know I need help with, or from passages of Scripture I’ve been studying.

What’s God been teaching you? What is an area (or areas) that seem out of control, or at least not what you’d like them to be? Is there a spiritual reason behind that problem? Is there a verse that really has meant a lot to you? Pull a word from any of these situations. Then, think through how that word relates to your life now and your life as you envision it next year at this time.

Need something a little more concrete? I really enjoyed this little workbook put together by Christine Kane. It’s a free pdf that asks some great questions to help you think through how your word can affect your year. It’s not spiritual or “Christian,” but I had no problem using the questions to that end.

Over the upcoming weeks, I hope to be able to share with you passages of Scripture that I’m reflecting on, as well as some of those areas I hope to target as I strive to make 2014 a satisfying year.

2 thoughts on “Choosing A Word for the New Year

  1. Hello! I just found your blog as I was googling A Beka and My Father’s World. We are in our 3rd year of homeschooling and I am researching curriculum for next year. We have used A Beka so far the last 3 years. Decisions. Decisions. 🙂 We love A Beka, but it is a lot of work. I taught 1st and 2nd A Beka in the classroom, but we are hitting 3rd grade so I am trying to decide if we should change or stick with it. I am praying for God to give me wisdom!

    Anyway, I then saw this post on your one word for the year. LOVE your word, by the way! Mine is “simplify” for the 2014.

    I like how you have yours on the background, etc. Is that a program you bought? Website? I have been blogging for a few years, but just bought my own domain name and sort of restarted with a focus recently. I am now trying to learn how to add all those cool features, but having a hard time since I am not very tech savy! 🙂

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog! 🙂

    • Post Author Tracy

      Great word! Simplify is one word I need as well. Honestly, the images and techy part of blogging is the part I like the least. I hate feeling the pressure to have a pinterest-worthy picture for every post. That said, I play around with my photo programs and publishing programs on my computer and upload images (like the one in this post) to my blog. I have a Mac, so I use the Pages program for Macs. If you have specific questions about your blog, email me and I’ll try to walk you through the steps. And I’ll be praying for your decisions, for wisdom, direction, and peace for your upcoming year.

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