Looking Back: un-intentionally

IntentionalAs I started 2013, I chose “intentional” as my goal, my word for the year. It’s been a great word that has really helped me to focus specific areas of my life and to live more intentionally. But as the year winds down and it gets closer to the holidays and the new year, I wanted to spend a little bit of time in review, looking back on the year and those intentions, evaluating whether or not the goals were met. I hope you join me in focusing our hearts for the holidays and looking forward to the new.

There were a few areas this year where I had great intentions but failed to be intentional. Funny how that happens, huh? The primary area I struggled was in the area of fitness.

While my husband made huge strides (literally, as in 5-mile runs three times a week), I jumped on and off the wagon on a variety of whims. I suppose I’m trying to find a fitness regime that doesn’t feel like work. And that’s probably not realistic. I want to WANT to exercise, and I’m just not feeling it.

Bottom-line, I lack discipline. I lack the grit to just do it and get it done, even 10 minutes a day. I’ve made use of some great excuses: no time, no energy, etc. And I’ve bemoaned why running up and down the stairs 30 times in a day and scrubbing toilets doesn’t count as exercise (calorie-burning perhaps, but it’s not toning my abs). So while I had every intention of kicking this area into gear, I’ve fallen drastically short. I’ve been intentional in spurts with no lasting habits.

A similar area of struggle has been meal-planning. In my defense, I have moved to a new city in a new state in a totally different region and have a totally different pace of life. But I know good and well, it’s a convenient excuse. I struggled before all of those factors came into play. I used to have a very organized monthly rotation. But a year or so ago, I fell into a rut and just haven’t surfaced yet. I have no desire to do a rotation again, thought it worked well for a stage in life. Now, I just want a few reliable go-to recipes—and a full-time chef/housemaid who will work for free.

All in all, I’ve had some great victories this year that really helped me to focus on living intentionally, and I’ve had some areas that have really made me grateful for God’s grace and new mercies. New years, I believe, are a part of God’s magnificent mercy, a common grace that allows for us all to have a fresh start, to leave the failed intentions in the old year and to look forward to a fresh year with fresh mercies waiting.

Here’s to closing out the old and bringing in the new.  Here’s to one last resolve to intentionally move forward.