Activities for the Littlest

There are some amazing ideas on Pinterest and the other fabulous blogs on the internet. But sometimes, the best ideas are so simple.

Of all the super cool ideas I’ve been trying with Littlest, the hands-down favorite was the day I handed him a paper sack. That’s right, folks. A plain old paper bag has been the biggest hit.

Busy activities for Littles

For days in a row he has played contentedly with that same paper bag, putting different toys inside and taking those same toys back out. One day, it’s cars; the next, it’s blocks; then, it’s counting bears. One sack=days of fun.

Busy activities for Littles

So let me just encourage you—before you stress out that you don’t have a Pinterest-worthy idea ready for your littlest learners, bring out the tupperware. Empty your spice cupboard. Get out the fruit loops and a spoon. And by all means, don’t forget the plain old paper bag!

Busy activities for littles

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