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I recently stumbled upon an art website that I absolutely love. She has fabulous ideas, substance, and an organized layout that makes it easy to find age-appropriate projects. She also suggests some really fun resources.

We had lots of fun with one of her ideas to teach the dot. I pulled up the youtube video of the book The Dot as a fun intro into our lesson.

The kids were immediately intrigued, and the story was so good that we ended up watching it at least 5 times. Then, the kids donned their plastic bag art aprons and got to work with oil pastels and watercolors—making their marks and squiggles; learning about oil and water; experimenting with mixing colors, and lots of art wonder.

Beginning Art


Beginning Art kindergarten


Beginning Art second grade

Perhaps that’s one of the joys of teaching art to little ones—letting the wonder of discovery make its indelible mark.

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