Monday Motivation: Beauty for ashes

Monday MotivationFall is probably my favorite time of year: the cooler weather, the earthy smells, the vibrant colors. But it is difficult at times for me to reconcile that such a beautiful season is really a season of death; all around me things are dying.

But then I read the verses in Isaiah 61:1-3. He gives beauty for ashes. Only the Creator,  the Giver of Life, the Resurrection could turn death into something so radiantly beautiful, so picturesque. Even as nature groans under its curse, the Lord, who has subdued all things to Himself, crafts something spectacular.

What a hope for you and I! Our own curse of sin thwarts us with trials, suffering, and ultimately death. And yet even in the midst of daily misery, there is beauty. From the pains of labor come new life. From the toils of the soil come the harvest. From death in the flesh comes life in the spirit, life abundant!

Our God is good. Take a moment to see it, to breath it, to taste it—His goodness surrounds us, even during the seasons of life where His presence seems most unlikely.

[God] who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist. (Romans 4:17, ESV)

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Beauty for ashes

  1. Appreciated your post today, so like our amazing God, to blend in the beauty with the difficult challenges.
    I have been contemplating God’s timing and my role in His story. I John 4:4 states, “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”. I think we attribute to Satan too much power. He is a roaring lion, but he is declawed and defanged, all he can do is roar! As an article I read said, his roar can get quite loud sometimes, but its harmless to us in the end. That helps me remember that if Satan can turn love into indifference, then certainly God can change indifference back into love. God’s power to restore is stronger than Satan’s power to destroy. As I wait on God to work in hearts and lives including mine, I have to remember he doesn’t waste time,and I need to be patient while he works. Have a good week!

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