Play-doh Science

Most of our science has been nature-related, with art and nature walks. Last year, we studied the human body with some lapbooks. But this year, I wanted to go a little more formal without losing the fun hands-on aspect that is still so important to my kids. We are learning about earth and space, and my objective was to combine some depth of study with projects and activities that don’t leave me doing most of the work. I have loved what I’ve seen so far from the Christian Kids Explore material.

Our first science lessons began with Creation; the beginning of the earth does seem fitting. It also posed a question: why should we learn about the earth? A great question, and I loved the answer. 1) God made it and has spoken about it exclusively in His Word. He didn’t tell us about any of the other planets in the same detail that He tells about the earth. 2) We live here.

Simple answers, but really thought-provoking too, and the perfect way to start a study.

Oldest's Planet Earth
Oldest’s Planet Earth
Middlest's Planet Earth with the 7 continents sitting neatly on top.
Middlest’s Planet Earth with the 7 continents sitting neatly on top.


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