“Where in the world…” Geography game

I love pinterest. It’s an amazing place to find ideas, and this geography game idea has to be one of my new favorites.

"Where in the world is Mr. Sprinkle?"
“Where in the world is Mr. Sprinkle?”

Really, the game is a fun quiz. After the teaching has been done, I get out the sprinkles, place a few sprinkles on some of the places we are studying, and then call out “Mr. Sprinkle is in [fill in the blank].” For instance, “Mr. Sprinkle is in Rome,” “Mr. Sprinkle is in the Mediterranean Sea,” “Mr. Sprinkle is in the North Sea,” “Mr. Sprinkle…”—you get the idea.

The kids find the sprinkle and eat it! So awesome! Of course, you could do this with any candy or treat. But, as the original poster suggested, a sprinkle is not a lot of sugar to feel guilty about feeding your kids. They won’t ruin their lunch with this game. And, as an added bonus, the maps stay relatively clean. (But you could always put them in a sheet protector if you are concerned about smudges.)

Geography Quiz Game

Another fun part about this game is that Middlest can play and learn, too. If she seems stumped, I give her a clue by the color of the sprinkle. “Look for a blue sprinkle.” And that helps her to find it more quickly.

Most of all, the quiz becomes something to look forward to rather than a dreaded exercise. I love making learning fun, and this is a definite winner!

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