Lord, what’s on your to-do list?

Monday MotivationAnything that I happen to accomplish today is only what the Lord in His grace and might has allowed me to accomplish. The Lord is the builder of the house and the producer of the fruit. It’s not my work.

Of course, that means I must ask Him for strength. But, God convicted me of another point this morning. If it’s His strength I’m using, then perhaps I ought to ask Him what it is He wants to accomplish with that strength.

After all, isn’t that what a servant would do? No servant uses his master’s resources to accomplish his own purposes; he seeks first his master’s priorities.

Instead of pulling out my to-do list and approaching Almighty God with an attitude of “here it is, Lord; make it happen,” I ought to approach Him in utter humility, destitute in the spirit, and ask Him what He wants done. Then, remarkably, I can know I have the strength of the Almighty to accomplish His purpose, no matter how insurmountable it may appear.

How different my home would be if I traded my to-do list for His.

2 thoughts on “Lord, what’s on your to-do list?

  1. I love the last line “How different my home would be if I traded my to-do list for His.” So true.

  2. djpottorf@comcast.net

    Hi there! My usual daily prayer is Lord, open my eyes to the open doors and windows you provide, and give me your words to say. Although that may be my prayer, I think I still work on my own to do list, instead of waiting on The Lord for him to impress me with his! Thanks for the challenge to ASK The Lord what he wants done, instead of steamrolling ahead with my own plans!

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