The Gift of Rest

Monday MotivationI’m so glad that God ended creation with a day of rest. Otherwise, I think I might have convinced myself that resting was sinful, that God only called me to work.

And yet, throughout the Bible, God reminds me of his gift. He established a day of rest in the Old Testament, He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He calls to those who are weary and heavy laden and offers rest.

Sometimes, I’m tempted not to rest when I really need to. I have a nagging sense of guilt, an overwhelming sense of what I’m not getting accomplished; and the voices get louder and louder as I close my eyes, until I finally open them and get up ┬áto tackle a few more tasks.

But this past week, I’ve had a chance to really meditate on God’s gift, the one I often neglect to accept and even more frequently forget to thank Him for. It’s not laziness to rest. In fact, I enjoy the gift of rest most after I’ve worked hard. It is a gift, a pleasure, a relief.

So this week, as you and I grab those few precious moments of quiet, let’s rest without guilt and with a thankful spirit for the gift that our Creator gave just a day after giving us life.

*edited, updated, and republished from my former blog