Facing Failure

Monday MotivationI have moments of weakness and inadequacy. I have days of fear and failure. And it’s easy sometimes to hold back, to not go forward, because I know I’ll fall.

Have you done that too? Have you ever refused to do a task because you knew you’d fail?

I’m afraid of embarrassing myself, of my effort being criticized. I’m afraid to prove what everyone already knows: I’m imperfect. So when God calls, like Moses and Gideon, I start with my list of excuses. I rattle off my reasons for why I can’t participate in God’s plan. And He says, “My grace is sufficient.”

I remind Him of all the ways I failed in the past and try to convince Him that what He has asked of me is not my strength or my talent (afterall, aren’t we supposed to bring our Talents to God? Who ever said anything about bringing Him our insufficiencies?). And He says, “My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

And I realize that when I refuse to fall in public, I’m also refusing to reveal God to those around me. I want them to see my strength, rather than His. I want others to notice my talent, instead of His grace. But sometimes, God calls us to fail.

Until I face my failures, I can’t really see the depth of grace. Until I’m willing to fall short in front of my kids, my husband, my friends, and whoever is around to witness the catastrophe, I can’t testify of a God who loves the imperfect and forgives the fallen.

My motivation this week is to face off with my failures, to step out on God’s grace and to fall gloriously and graciously into His awaiting arms, His strength.

*edited, updated, and republished from my former blog